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Gymnasium Rules

o   Children under 12 years old are not permitted in the room for safety reasons, whether an adult present is supervising or not.

o   Children between 12-16 may use the equipment when accompanied by a supervising adult who is at least 21 years of age.

o   Use of proper and safe attire is required. No bathing suits allowed.

o   Please do not leave magazines and newspapers in the exercise room.  Please pick up after yourself.

o   Although we realize that some people prefer to exercise without lights, many different people with different preferences use the exercise room.  As a matter of policy, the lights will be on when the room is in use.  This is the normal situation at any commercial fitness center.  However, if you prefer to use the exercise room without lights, you may do so if no one else in the room objects.  The lights should always be turned OFF when leaving the room.

o   Selection of the television programming is on a first come, first-serves basis.  If someone has the television tuned to a certain channel, use common courtesy, and ask before changing the setting.

o   Equipment is to be used inside the room and its removal is prohibited.

o   Make sure you have the clearance from your doctor before starting a fitness program.  The use of the exercise room is at your own risk.

o   No additional equipment is allowed in the gym. This includes personal gym equipment, donations, and /or any other items no listed in the gymnasium inventory.


On Behalf of the Board of Directors 

                                 **Violation of these guidelines will result in the individual losing gym privileges**