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Additional Resident Application Q&A

General Application Q&A

  • All persons over the age of 18 that will be living/residing within an apartment for longer than 29 days.

For security reasons we ask anyone living/residing within an apartment for longer than 29 days to complete a background check and be registered with the Association.

Purchase applications are submitted through Tenant Evaluation.
- Go to TenantEV.com
- Create an account
- Enter the Association code 9377 to submit an application.

Click here to Tenant Evaluation Application Guide

Applicants must submit an application through Tenant Evaluation. When the application is closed and received by the Association, it will be reviewed by Association Staff. Once the application is Approved, you will be notified.

Any issues with the Tenant Evaluation application can only be addressed by Tenant Evaluation. You can contact them at (305) 692 7900 or support@tenantevaluation.com.

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