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New Owner Application Q&A

General Application Q&A

Yes, if you are purchasing a unit at La Gorce Palace you must receive Association Approval. To receive Association Approval, you must submit an application to the Association via Tenant Evaluation.

All persons over the age of 18 that will be living/residing within the apartment need to complete an application through Tenant Evaluation.

Any persons over the age of 18 living/residing within an apartment that are not financially responsible for the apartment should complete an “Additional Resident” application. Please refer to that section of the website for more information.

Purchase applications are submitted through Tenant Evaluation.

- Go to TenantEV.com

- Create an account

- Enter the Association code 9377 to submit an application

Click here to Tenant Evaluation Application Guide

Applicants must submit an application through Tenant Evaluation. When the application is closed and received by the Association, it will be reviewed by Association Staff. Depending on the application, additional documents and information may be required. When additional documents and information are received and accepted by the Association, the application will be submitted to the Board for Pre-Approval review. Once the application is Pre-Approved, the Welcome Interview/Orientation will be scheduled. After the , the Welcome Interview/Orientation the Certificate of Approval will be issued.

The Association approval process timeline depends largely on the speed of applicants submitting documents to Tenant Evaluation and the Association (if additional documents are requested).

Pets are not allowed at La Gorce Palace.

Please refer to the “Pet Guidelines” section of the website for more details.

Contact the Administrative Office.

Please note that if you have not received Association Approval by your Closing Date, you will have to reschedule.

The Tenant Evaluation background and credit score check can be expedited for an additional fee through the Tenant Evaluation website. The Association Approval process cannot be expedited.

To ensure that you receive Association Approval by your Closing date we recommend that the applicant diligently completes the Tenant Evaluation application and submit additional documents if requested.

Purchase Applications are submitted to the Board of Directors on rolling basis to speed up the Association Approval Process.

General purchase information is always requested by the Association. When the application is closed and received by the Association you will receive an email asking for specific additional information.

If the unit you are purchasing has an outstanding Special Assessment payoff balance, a Draft Closing Statement showing the outstanding balance will be required.

If you are purchasing the unit under an LLC or other business entity, and Acknowledgment of Liability and Draft Closing Statement will be required.

Yes, you do have the option to purchase a unit under an LLC or other business entity. However, please note that Acknowledgement of Liability is required. The document must be received and accepted by the Association.

If the unit will be placed under a business entity an Acknowledgement of Liability has to be procured from the Association attorney.
- Fully processed and signed Acknowledgement of Liability is required for file submission to the Board of Directors.
- Association’s Attorney
- Patrick Alayon, Email: palayon@alayonlaw.com Telephone: (305) 221-2110.

When the Tenant Evaluation application closes and is received by the Association, you will receive an email that will notify you if additional documents are required. The email will inform you and your realtor if the unit has an outstanding Special Assessment payoff balance. To determine the amount of the Special Assessment, you will have to request an Estoppel Letter.

Yes, Special Assessments cannot be transferred to the new unit owner. Special Assessments must be paid off at closing.

Estoppel Letter and Condo Questionnaire can be requested through the Association Website or via form which can also be found on the Association Website.

Any issues with the Tenant Evaluation application can only be addressed by Tenant Evaluation. You can contact them at (305) 692-7900 or support@tenantevaluation.com.

If you are an international applicant and do not have US Tax Returns or paystubs, we ask that you submit your countries tax documents, pay stubs, or equivalent to Tenant Evaluation. Should you have any additional questions or issued, please contact Tenant Evaluation at (305) 692-7900 .

The Welcome Interview/ Orientation is an introduction to the Association and its Rules and Regulations. The Welcome Interview/ Orientation is typically a phone call, in person Welcome Interview/ Orientation can be requested, that typically lasts between 20 to 40 minutes. All applicants must be present for the Welcome Interview/ Orientation.

You can schedule your move-in date only after you have been approved by the Association, the Certificate of Approval has been issued, you have closed on the unit, and the Association has received the Warranty Deed and Closing Statement.

Only one parking space is allocated to each apartment.

  • A lease cannot be less than 6 months in length. In the event the tenant leaves prior to the completion of the lease, the owner cannot begin a new lease until the full length of the lease has elapsed.
  • Owners can lease an apartment no more than two (2) times per year (two [2] six month leases).

Please see Rules and Regulations for more information.