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Construction of the Watergate Residential Complex began late 1970 and was completed April 1974.


Watergate Resort Style Living!


Nestled on a peninsula jutting into San Francisco Bay lies a recreational-residential community only 12 minutes from the San Francisco financial district. With spectacular views of San Francisco’s dramatic skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County’s mountains and the rolling hills of the East Bay, the 26-acre Watergate community provides convenient city living with a relaxed by-the-sea ambience. This community of low rise, garden condominiums was designed by Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons, world famous architectural firm, and lushly landscaped by Anthony Guzzardo & Associates. The Emeryville Peninsula, located just north of the Bay Bridge, contains a marina and yacht harbor, several fine restaurants, and a neighborhood shopping center adjacent to the Watergate community. Berkeley, with its myriad of new shops and cultural life, is but minutes away. All the comforts of city living, this side of San Francisco.

                                                                                                    Watergate in the News!

                                      SF Chronicle Article:                                                                                           SF Chronicle Article:


                          Emeryville -- Little City That Could                                                                        Electric Usage at Watergate


                                      SF Chronicle Article:                                                                                            SF Chronicle Article:
Proposed Closure of San Francisco-Only On-Ramp to Westbound I-80       Obituary of F.P. Lathrop, Developer of the Watergate Peninsula

History of Emeryville - Expanding City 1960s - 1980s:

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