Contact Numbers
Problems with Contact Phone/Cell
Noise or Disturbance WCA Property Patrol 772-5005
Smoke, Fire, Crime or Emergency Emeryville Fire & Police Departments 911
Old Furniture Disposal Pick Up and Fees WCA Office 510-428-0118
Power Outage PG&E 1-800-743-5000
Drain Blockage Abante Plumbing 510-534-1636
*(If blockage is a common use main-line problem, submit invoice to WCA office for reimbursement)
Intercom/Door Entry Problem WCA Office 510-428-0118
Cable Reception Problems Comcast Cable 1-800-856-2374
Unit Modification Questions WCA Office 510-428-0118
Common Area and Master Insurance Policy Questions MOC Insurance Services 1-415-957-0600