Comunnity Living

For many residents, community living is a new way of life.  Each owner's use of his/her own unit as well as outside facilities must not conflict with the rights of other owners.  Therefore, certain standards for individual behavior are necessary to insure pleasant and harmonious community living.  Please see your Community Rules.

It is important to know that your community rules were written by owners and approved by your elected Board of Director’s.  If you have an issue with WCA rules and regulations, please drop a quick note to the Board of Directors instead of directing your anger or frustration to a staff member. 

Click here for City of Emeryville's Noise Ordinance - Chapter 13
Click here for City of Emeryville's Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance - Chapter 29

Click here for HUD Fair Housing Guidlines for Assistance Animals - FHEO-2013-01