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Rules and Purpose

Keep updated with weather advisories & add your emergency contacts.

Many of the unstickered vehicles you see on the streets belong to contractors or in-unit service providers (maids, caretakers, etc.). There is a sign in sheet for in-unit service providers at the Property Patrol office, and they must sign in every day that they are on site. For the complete document click HERE.
Please download the document, and complete the information to carry out this activity.For the complete document click HERE.
During an Earthquake
1. Take cover in your unit. a. The best location is under a doorframe, desk, or table, or near an interior wall. Stay away from glass – mirrors, doors, and windows. Outside walls and tall-unattached furniture.
2. Kneel with your back toward windows, and cover the back of your neck with your hands.
For the complete document click HERE.
Please keep in mind that the recently installed Fire Alarm equipment in the Common Area hallways, stairwells, and storage rooms is sensitive to smoke as well as heat and fire. These devices will detect any smoke that escapes from your unit and sound an evacuation alarm for the entire building. For the complete document click HERE.
Approved Minutes of Board Meetings can be found under the Meeting Minutes tab. Please note that Minutes cannot be posted until they are approved at the next Board Meeting following the date of that meeting
A completed ACC package must be submitted to the board for review. The board meets once a month and have 30 days to review after a completed package has been submitted. Please note that we will work with you and the board to have your completed application reviewed as soon as possible. (board will determine applicable fee and deposit required).

Click HERE for an ACC application.(please include a description of work on page 1 next to other) A copy of the contractors business license and insurance must also be provided. (required by GC and all subcontractors)

Click HERE for a certificate of insurance sample noting the following requirements:
-general liability: must have additionally insured (marked with an x or y)
-workers comp coverage is required (workers comp exemption is not accepted)
-certificate holder must reflect sample

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This residential-recreational community contains four swimming pools, including one indoor/outdoor pool, four tennis courts with a resident pro, two health clubs with indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi whirlpool baths, four racquetball courts, exercise conditioning room and gym, men’s and women’s saunas, steam rooms, showers and changing rooms