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How Coral Ridge Towers East Came About

The private residences of Coral Ridge Towers East were designed for individuals aged 55 and older in accordance with the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 and the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995. CRTE is home to friendly owners who desire to live in comfortable, modern, well-maintained surroundings. A rich history precedes today’s East Tower, combining our Founder-owners’ vision, the dream we live today, and a bright future for those who follow.

It was 1910, and people thought Arthur T. Galt, a Chicago attorney, had more money than brains. He bought 6,000 acres, bordering the Atlantic Ocean for $10 an acre. During the ensuing years, Galt sold his property to various developers, including James Hunt and race track developer, Stephen Calder, who established Coral Ridge Properties, Inc.

They chose Charles Foster McKirahan, Sr., (1919-1964), to design the Towers. McKirahan, renowned mid-century, modern architect, also designed area buildings, such as the Coral Ridge Country Club, Birch Tower, Mai Kai Restaurant, Bay Club, Sunrise Bay Club, Ocean Manors Hotel, Point of Americas, Everglades House and Birch House. He worked in Miami, the Bahamas, Ecuador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

Cooperative living was new to Florida. The movement began in Rochdale, England, at the dawn of the industrial revolution. New York City documented the first housing cooperative, which was created for artists who were in need of economical, communal living. Coral Ridge Towers East is proud to continue the tradition.

Just before the Condo Act of 1963 was passed, Hunt and Calder developed Coral Ridge Towers as a cooperative. Coral Ridge Towers is said to be the first high-rise cooperative financed by FHA to have a swimming pool. General Electric, who provided all the kitchens, selected Coral Ridge Towers for featuring at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. By that time, people understood the value of cooperatives. Condo housing was in demand, and the creation of well-planned community living in Fort Lauderdale was off and running.