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1.- A unit may be used ONLY for Single-Family Residential purposes.
2.- No Unit may be partioned or sub-divided, except in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration of Condominium.
3.- The number of occupants a unit shall not exceed the amount permitted by applicable Miami-Dale Zoning Regulations. One (1) bedroom= 2 occupants Two (2) bedrooms = 4 occupants.

Employees of the Association (maintenance, janitorial and Property Manager) may not be sent by unit owners for personal errands. The Board is solely responsible for supervising Association employees.

1.- No motor vehicle which cannot operate on its own power shall remain on the Condominium property for more than forty-eight (48) hours. No vehicles (including Commercial vehicles as specifically set forth in paragraph 17 below) shall be repaired on the Condominium Property. No trucks, trailers, mobile homes, vans, campers, buses, motorcycles or boats or similar vehicles shall be parked on the Condominium property.
2.- All vehicles must have a current tag or will receive a 72 hr violation sticker. Proof of new registration tag MUST be provided to Management or vehicle will be towed after original 72 hr warning.
3.- No boats, rafts, canoes, or other similar craft shall be allowed on the Condominium Property.
4.- No car washing allowed on condominium property or use of community water.
5.- No skateboard or bicycle riding shall be permitted in the Common Elements or on the Condominium Property
6.- Residents may not park in the same guest space for more than three (3) days. This is considered "storage". For the complete document click HERE.

Separate rules and regulation pertaining to the amenities of the community will be provided with your lease/sale application

“All dogs (including service animals) must be registered and submit to DNA testing” a.No pet or animal shall be maintained or harbored within a unit that would create a nuisance to other owners. No animal or bird shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise that would constitute a nuisance
b.No more than two (2) domesticated pets may be maintained in a unit provided such pets are: (a) permitted to be so kept by applicable laws and regulations (b) and with a weight restriction of thirty (30) lbs. Neither the Board nor the Association shall be liable for any personal injury, death or property damage resulting from a violation of the foregoing and any occupant of a unit committing such a violation shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Directors, any unit owner and the Association in such regard.
A unit owner who plans to be absent during the hurricane season must prepare his unit prior to his departure by:
a. Removing all furniture, plants and other objects from his balcony, and
b. Designating a responsible firm or individual, subject to Association approval, to care for his/her unit should any damage occur as a result of the hurricane



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